Welcome to my new blog!

I really wanted something new and fresh – a new platform, ideas, design and placement. I hope it will bring a lot of new and interesting content and will inspire me and you. Here you will find all of the old content, that has now been arranged in clear categories and with time all Latvian posts will be translated in English. I sincerely hope to blog more regularly than I have been until now.

Why “Bloom in your day”? Because me and my little boy have our Birthdays when everything is in full bloom! And I want to learn to bloom in the time and place I am in… no matter if it’s the middle of winter with gloomy afternoons or the middle of summer when everything is in full bloom. I believe that in life, like in nature, we go through different seasons and I want to learn to bloom in all of them… after all even winter can bloom in frost flowers on the windows, right?!

It will make me really happy if you will continue to follow along our adventure!

And I think the photos of my love for flowers need no more words!


Kleita no Lindex

Kleita no Lindex

Foto: Anita Austvika

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