Grūtniecība 1

Pregnancy is a very interesting time and it seems so easy to get lost in what you imagined about it before, what you feel and experience on the way and in the middle of all of that also what others say you should feel and experience.

For some it is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life, for others a nightmare to get through as fast as possible. And sometimes they are both. Sometimes both at the same time.

I think it is easiest to get lost in the mundane, when everything seems to hurt and you only want to sleep and the everyday responsibilities don’t get any smaller, and you forget so quickly… you forget what is happening to you and what you are doing.

When I stop and remember that I have the honour to be involved in creating a new life, that I have the chance to be there from the very beginning of the start of a new life, that my baby is growing and forming right here with me every single day… the obstacles and the hard things in life that sometimes come up fade away and become smaller and smaller. It is beautiful and full of life… although I have to say that it is just as full as we choose to see.

My hope for this spring is to stop more and understand that this is the most beautiful time and that the “wage” that we receive at the end of the nine months is far better and greater than any of the harder things we experience along the way.

Thank you to Anita Austwick for the lovely spring walk and these photos.

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