Postcard from London


For my friends Birthday, we spent a few days in London. We expected warm weather, sun, and blooming magnolia trees, whilst here in Latvia, the snow had just melted. We did not have the warm weather… we were surprised by cold wind and snow. However, we saw and took photos of so much. We smelt some of the blooming trees and daffodil fields in the park, we went all over London in the red double-decker buses, walked many kilometers, had so many coffees, I had one of the best cakes ever, we went shopping in the center of London un all of that was accompanied by laughter, good conversation, and great food. We were away for only one full day but managed to see and experience so much.

I want to share some of the photos from our adventure. This is a real taste of London to me. I have been in England many times (that’s where my husband comes from), however, I have never spent this much time exploring London.

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