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This is the day I noted in my planner as soon as I saw MÁDARA announcement about sales. I always wait for this day because there are several favorite products in our home that I try to stock up on in sales. And it is especially great when the sales happen just before the holiday period when we start to think about Christmas presents.

As I am still not quite well and have been stuck at home for a while I have had the chance to try out several MÁDARA products lately. I decided to share some of my favorites from the last few weeks and months.

First I have to say that using MÁDARA products always feels like self-care. It feels like everything has been thought through to the last detail – the scent, consistency, ingredients, packaging, design… All of it not only makes for an effective product but also an amazing experience.

Lets start at the beginning. My first step in this line up of products is the scrub. I massage the scrub into damp skin and it turns into a creamy consistency, that clears the skin but does not dry it out. I really like the feel of my skin afterwards. The skin feels clean, smooth and glowy. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have been known to got to sleep with my make up on sometimes. I know, I know… it’s really bad. However, this product always saves me the next morning and serves as a sort of restart to the skin. I use it 2-3 times a week or less. (This mostly means I use it when I remember or when I feel the need for the “restart” I previously mentioned.)
RE:GENE lifting mask is a recent product to me and I’ve only used it for a couple of weeks, so I can’t say anything about the long therm effects of this mask. Although I am eager to experience the effects after reading the description of this amazing product. However, I do feel an instant pleasant effect after using the mask, as if my skin says thank you for a huge drink of water after being so thirsty.
This clarifying toner has become a part of my everyday life. I use it after cleaning my skin and before I put on my moisturiser. The website describes this product like this: “Astringent toner that deeply exfoliates clogged and oily skin. Purifies, reduces shine, minimizes pores, prevents blemishes and regulates the skin’s natural pH balance.” And it does just THAT! I love it when products do what they say in the description. This product is perfect for my oily skin. I think this will be one I will try to purchase again and again because I truly feel an immediate result – my skin feels clean and fresh. It is so great in the morning when my eyes are already open and I am getting ready for work, but at the same time I’m about half an hour away from waking up, and also in the evenings when I want to clean off everything that has collected during the day.
I know that City CC Cream is a new product to the range because it only appeared this Spring/Summer season, but it has already earned so much love and has become a favorite to many. Including myself! Firstly I think it is important to emphasize the obvious quality of this product – it evens and corrects the skin tone and gives the skin a beautiful glow. However, that is not all it does by any means, it is boosted with hyaluronic acid and even though I am not a skincare expert by any means, even I know how important and valuable this ingredient is because it deeply moisturizes the skin. I have heard so much about how good this ingredient is that I look out for it when looking at products and I was so pleased to see it is included in the CC Cream. This product combines the pleasant with the practical – it has a nice coverage and evens out skin tone, but also looks after your skin and moisturizes it all at the same time. The cream also contains SPF15, that is especially useful in the sunny season. I use the cream in the shade: medium beige. I suggest being careful with the amount used if there is too much product it can start to look greasy in a couple of hours. But as long as you get the hang of the right application for you, it is great! I have to say this cream seems to do everything and it is as good as it sounds!
Total Renewal night cream is extremely moisturizing, but very light, that is unusual for a night cream. In my experience, the words “night creme” often mean that you have to go to sleep looking like a greasy mess. However, you can’t say that about this product and that was such a pleasant surprise to me. After the first time of using it, I already noticed that the skin is moisturized and smooth in the morning. I really want to keep using this product and testing its effectiveness over time. It was so exciting to read the description and all the goodness it contains. Can’t wait to experience the long-term effects of it on my face. 
I have heard only the best reviews on the Age Recovery facial oil for years now. And I have also read so much on how good oils are when you use them in your skincare routine. I have tried several through the years and I love them, especially in Autumn/Winter season. I put a few drops on the palms of my hands and press it on the skin. Usually, I use them as the last step before going to sleep. After using the oil the result truly feels instant and the skin is so glowy and healthy looking in the morning. Maybe you, just like me, sometimes experience that you start looking sort of gray and unhealthy after a few months of Winter. Summer and sunshine combats this feeling perfectly, but I have found that in the Winter this oil would be excellent to fight the dullness in the skin. 
HEMP HEMP lip balm is a product I have used for years now. The lip balm itself is great and my favorite part in this product is the packaging. Yes, yes I know it shouldn’t matter, but it does to me! Now that I have not been well for a few weeks it lives on my bedside table and in my everyday life it can always be found in my handbag. Everythime I use I have to think about how beautiful it is. These little things are truly important to me and I love thoughtful, beautiful details in my everyday life. I appreciate them and they make me happy. I feel like this is an excellent gift because of the beautiful and elegant packaging, but also because the lip balm itself is nourishing, moisturizing with a smell and taste that isn’t offensive. 
And now we get to my all-time favorite MÁDARA product Anti-fatigue eye rescue cream. I used to be extremely skeptical to all the anti-aging creams and treatments. I truly used to believe it is just a marketing stunt and an unnecessary expense. And then I tried this eye cream… after a few months of use, I truly noticed that the small lines around my eyes are starting to get smaller and even disappear. I do have to note that before this one I didn’t use any eye cream at all, but since using this one I use it to the last drop, cut it open and order the next one immediately. I use this cream before sleep and I see the difference between when I have used it regularly and when I have been lazy or forgotten. And you know what the best part is?! If you spend 50EUR in the sale, they add this product to your order for free. So good!


I hope this review is even a little bit useful for you. I definitely have other favorites from MÁDARA too. For example the kid’s shampoo and shower gel, the soaps and others. However, these are the products I have been testing and loving in the last few weeks and months. I feel like I have to mention that I don’t always use this amount of skin care. I have had seasons when I only use one moisturizer from the drugstore and I feel completely happy with that. Lately, though I have been especially enjoying the process and the result of looking after my skin. And when you don’t feel great yourself these routines can give you a little boost and make you feel better. I know that’s the case for me anyway!

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