Celebrate friendship


My friend moved to different country 2 years ago. I am so happy I live in a time when this doesn’t mean the end of a friendship and goodbye forever. Instead that means a change in the relationship and growing in a new way. I am happy that I live in a time when a little box in my hands can reduce the distance between us and build our friendship in so many new ways. Whether that’s a “Hey! What are you doing today” on WhatsApp, a photo with the octopus she is having for dinner, long conversations over a coffee or just a chat while we’re both making dinner.

The time we get to spend together now is short and far apart, so we wanted to celebrate this time with beautiful photos. This was such a lovely evening! It’s so great when photos truly capture the friendship and time together. We are grateful to Anita, who captured our friendship so beautifully and gave us memories that will never fade.

When I was thinking of this photoshoot the quote “Real queens fix each other’s crowns” really spoke to me. It is wonderful to experience friendships where women encourage and empower each other, where they help each other’s dreams to come true and bring out the beauty in one another. Instead of competition, gossip and sarcastic remarks that try to subtly hurt each other. I am so blessed to know so many women who are like that! If I could, I would put all of them in these photos. However in these there are two of my best friends – one in front of the camera and the other behind it. And I appreciate them so much!

So I want to dedicate this post to celebrating friendship and encourage you too – appreciate it, be grateful, don’t take it for granted, look after your friendships and empower those that are special for you – celebrate friendship!

Photo: Anita Austvika

Clothing: Lindex

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