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I already mentioned I would like to share some tips and activities to enjoy the last days of summer and the beginning of autumn. One of these activities is a boat ride. We did this route for the first time in the middle of July and I received several questions on it, so I will share some of the details that might be useful for you.

What? Where? How? How much?

We used a place called Makars that rents out all of the equipment and organises the boat ride. It is located in Sigulda. So, everything works like this –

  • The boats have to be reserved in advance. You need to call and give them as much information as possible: how many adults, how many children, which route you want to do etc.
  • It is important to arrive on time or a little bit early, because the van leaves at 10 a.m. to take you to Līgatne.
  • Life jackets (that are especially important for children, in my opinion) are provided by the boat hire and they are adjusted u=individually in the morning before leaving.
  • The van takes everyone to Līgatne ferry and everything is being explained on the way. The route takes about 4 hrs, you are allowed to stop and get out of the boat wherever you want and when you go under the Sigulda bridge, you need to go on the left side.
  • When you get to Līgatne ferry, the employees help you to put the boat in the water and get in, so everyone is ready and feels confident. All the people who work there seemed really helpful, nice and polite.
  • When you finish the rout and get back to Sigulda, the employees will be waiting for you and will help you to get out of the boat and pull the boat out of the water.
  • Renting a boat, which fits 3 people in the route Līgatne – Sigulda costs 50EUR.

How was it to go on a boat ride with a 3 year old?

In one word – great! Noa loves this activity. Both times we did the route in +/- 5 hrs – that’s with rowing really slowly, stopping to walk a little bit, talking with friends and stopping to eat snacks. Both times Noa fell asleep in the boat and had his afternoon nap, he was sitting really well, putting his fingers in the water, feeding the ducks, eating sandwiches, sang and talked about everything he could see around him… he was behaving surprisingly well, listening to everything we said and he truly enjoyed this adventure.

I must say I was really worried about how this will go at first. Five hours for a 3 year old to be stuck in a boat and not being able to run around or even move too much to not tip the boat over… it seemed like a huge challenge. But in the end he completely surprised me and we all had a great adventure together with exciting memories.

Escaping the crazy clouds that looked even more dramatic in real life 😉 We escaped successfully.

This is our break for crisps under the tree.

We took our mugs from Piparmētra with us. I think they are the perfect combination of being practical and beautiful at the same time.

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